Detox Week 1 Recap

Well, that’s a wrap on week 1 of my 21 day detox. I did this detox 3 or so years ago and even back then the first week was the HARDEST as your body adjusts to the detoxifying process, eliminating processed foods, etc.

Well… this time around I decided to add in a stressful election, a POSTPARTUM period (first few back after baby are HORRENDOUS), and some pretty terrible news about a lifelong childhood friend of mine’s new cancer diagnosis this week was a doozy.

However, focusing on the good always helps me and if anything choosing to do this NOW despite the super tough first week gave me something in my life that I COULD control. Choices I could make for my health when I was hit in the face with such a harsh reminder of how quickly that can be taken for granted. Power over my body and my choices that no political party can shift.

As hard as this last week was to stick to this choice I made to get myself on a healthier path, I’m grateful it came when it did.

A few of my wins so far include:

  • cutting down to 1-2 cups of coffee (or energize) a day (I’m not cutting it completely during this process)
  • I’m drinking SO MUCH more water and I can tell in my skin instantly
  • I’m actually starting to CRAVE the healthy meals again and honestly have not (so far) had a SINGLE craving for sweets which is INSANE considering it is my period week
  • I’ve lost about 3.5-4lbs so far
  • I love not having to think about what we are going to eat and having 2-3 days ahead prepped for hubby
  • I’m sleeping better

But for me, so far the biggest win has been the reminder of how much I actually DO have control of my day, my eating, no matter how “busy” I am.

Learning lessons so far are:

  • I really don’t always “need” that extra cup of coffee it is SO much habit
  • failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Oh, and that results don’t happen overnight. I know this, I PREACH this to my customers, but every single time I am on my own journey (because I am human too) I catch myself evaluating the little to no progress 3-4 days in and wondering why bother… yet then comes day 5-6 and beyond and slowly but surely I start to see shifts.

I’m sharing most of my meals and other info as I go through this on my instagram highlight “detox” if you’re curious to follow along or just shoot me an email for more info to see if this detox might just be what YOU need too!


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Just subscribe to my newsletter
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