Let’s talk OVERWHELM…


Let’s talk OVERWHELM. Recently I got the opportunity to speak about this on a call and I wanted to share a few things with you. Please know that I don’t have these tips because I never get overwhelmed, quite the opposite in fact… especially now with postpartum hormones out of control juggling pandemic, 2 businesses, 3 kids etc.

I have these tips because they are MY TOOLS I use to help myself out of overwhelm. Things I’ve learned through allowing overwhelm to paralyze me, things through personal development I’ve immersed myself into because of my coaching business, things I’ve learned from the positive community I keep around me.

1.) Write everything down. Brain dump your thoughts and get them OUT. I recommend doing this in the same place (IE notes on your phone) vs 100 different post its. I also organize my brain dump into lists for personal and business. When I get a new thought/task I add it in order of priority on my lists.

2.) Change your verbiage. The way you speak to yourself leads to the way you THINK and process your emotions. Try not to use the word BUSY or STRESSED. You will FEEL more busy and more stressed INSTANTLY. Instead, try to think about something you are grateful for because of that feeling, IE grateful for friends and family that fill your schedule, grateful for a job that provides for your family, grateful for a home to clean that keeps you safe, etc.

3.) Do not multitask. Multitasking often leads to procrastination of actually finishing a task. Instead do 1 thing at a time. Every night I go to bed with my “top 3” for the next day. Just 3 things I know I can do, or will TRY my best to do, the next day. Focus on 3 of your 100 things to do and you’ll feel 10 times more productive and accomplished!

These are just a few things that help me through overcoming feelings of overwhelm, and I hope they help you too


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